Green Tourism

Whilst we are not quite eco-warriors yet, we do understand and appreciate that people and businesses must do their small part in the fight against global warming.  We, as a family and business are trying to do our bit in helping the environment.

As previous guests will know, we have been a non-smoking hotel since we took over in 2002.  Whilst this was purely a personal choice we have been reliably informed that this has the added benefit of cleaning being much quicker and thus saving energy.

We also introduced a towel agreement with the guests whereby if fresh towels are required the used ones are placed in the shower, this saves on water and detergents which are harmful to the environment.  Rain butts are used to collect rainwater which we use in the garden.

A number of other measures have been adopted.  First and foremost we have installed an energy efficient condensing boiler which now supplements the thermostatic valves already in use.  Low energy light bulbs are used, where possible throughout the hotel and dimmer switches in the public rooms.  Regular energy monitoring enables us to assess the energy efficiency of the business.

Recycling has become our new past-time!  Sorting out the plastic from the glass and the cardboard from the tins not to mention the green waste for the compost bin is a consuming hobby.  In the short time that we have been actively recycling we have noticed a dramatic drop in the waste destined for landfill.  Hopefully by the end of the year we will also have a rich compost heap for next year’s plants.

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